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What We Do?

We commenced operations with definite goals in mind such as:

  • Distribution of food to the needy ones
  • Distribution of clothes to the needy ones
  • Health camps, first aid and health related services
  • Education for children and women
  • Vocational training
  • Greening of environment and creating awareness

Utthan Trust believes food is a primary need of every human being. The streets are full of people who have no shelter or clothes and even wonder where their next meal is going to come from which is where we swing into action and distribute food to the needy. Our main target is aged physically or otherwise impaired people who may not be in a position to work and earn. In times of natural disasters like floods and earthquakes our team swings into action to distribute food. Our activities cover:

  • Exhorting people and each family to try and spare food from what they prepare each day.
  • Encourage families and housewives to cook food and give a packet at least once each week.
  • Contact restaurants and hotels and collect leftovers and excess food that we distribute to the poor.
  • Contact retail malls and collect foods that they are planning to discard and distribut such food to the poor.
  • Encourage businesses to spare some money to help us run public kitchens in Delhi

Very often it is the poor who badly need health care and medicines but cannot afford even basic medication, leave alone expensive medicines. Our team travels throughout the neighborhoods of Delhi, identifies people in need of medicines and healthcare services and we try our best to give services such as:

  • Since many disadvantaged people  cannot buy medicines we assist by giving them the required medicines and overcoming health issues.
  • Where hospitalization is needed we try to get them into hospitals where free treatment is available or find a sponsor for them or help through collection of funds.
  • Help children in need of specialist treatments and get them to hospitals and follow up thei treatment course.
  • We conduct fund raising drives to help purchase medicines and pay for healthcare services

Education is the pathway to economic growth and change of lifestyle. We focus on children in slums and among the economically disadvantaged sections of society and try to help in various ways:

  • Distribute free textbooks and education materials
  • Distribute free stationery to children
  • Find out children of school going age and if they are not going to school, we persuade parents to get them admitted to nearby schools
  • We find and arrange volunteering tuitions in such localities to help children stay committed to studies.
  • We launch drives to find sponsors to contribute to costs of education of children
  • We encourage educational institutions to offer scholarships

Our goal is that in India there should be no illiteracy.

The ecosystem is sensitive and everything is interlinked. People do not realize this and thoughtlessly pollute the environment, cut down trees and indulge in practices that ultimately prove harmful to humans. Our environment related activities cover but are not limited to:

Tree plantation drives especially for school going children and getting them to adopt trees.

Awareness drives and education on the harmful effects of discharging effluents and polluting ground water as well as the importance of green cover. We advise slum dwellers to reduce dependence on firewood and teach them the harmful effects of smoke in the environment. Our goal is cleaner, greener Delhi and India with smoke-free air that will contribute to better health.