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Raiseds: INR1,320,000 / INR3,450,000
Campaign Duration: 492 Days

Conducting health checkup camps for the underprviladge people is one of the activity which is done on a regular basis by utthan trust with almost 1dedication and concern.

It is done for the people who suffer due to disasters as well, they are also provided medicines according to their different health issues. There is nothing which is more important than good health .We believe society is an important part of our lives and therefore health is very important for the growth of the people with our consistent efforts and deeds we want to improve the condition of the people. By keeping in mind the importance of health, Utthan conducts health awareness camps in the different areas of New Delhi to promote health and well being. The aim of the camps is not just to provide health services to the people but to create an environment where the whole community gets sensitized about health issues .the free health camps are organized for the people who are neither able to afford medical treatment nor having any basis knowledge regarding health and by hence in fact, these programs have been great benefits to the people who could not reach to the hospital because they can’t afford that.