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About Us

Life is about helping people. Studies and knowledge are not just for self-advancement. One can get satisfaction in life by getting into a high paying career. There is more satisfaction at the end of the day when one helps those in need. This is what we do.

We use our background, our contacts, our education and our experience to help those who are less fortunate in life. We believe kindness can be infectious and will infect those who receive it,pass it on to others. Anyone with money can donate to charity but it takes effort to go out and change a life. We change lives.

Making the world a better place for everyone is our credo. We live it.

Utthan Trust was born on 18th March 2015 and we registered the trust as an NGO, joining the list of government NGOs working in India. We formulated a plan and defined goals and objectives because the scope of social work is so wide that it would not be possible to do everything that needed to be done for the millions of people needing support and uplift in diverse areas such as education, health, hygiene and lifestyles.

About Us

Today Utthan Trust is a well known NGO. When we started Utthan did not exist. Our team lead this organization to a next level, with most other students, completed studies and were thinking of looking for jobs. In the meanwhile, they volunteered to work for social service organizations operating in Delhi. This work proved hearty satisfying to the extent that they continued their work for a couple of years. Over tea and coffee they discussed the cause of suffering and value of life. They decided to carry out a survey. The result was that in majority of cases the who suffered because of lack of education and skills that would get them better paying work. Their health also suffers. Something needed to be done for migrant labour living and working in Delhi. This is when we decided to form Utthan Trust, a bold step for us.